MICROPLASTY / Partial Knee Surgery

Usually, In most of the patients, we observe that knee pain and arthritic changes are limited only to the inner or the medical compartment. Though it can be cured with a total knee replacement, it sometimes involves removal of too many healthy natural structures.


M- Minimally invasive- saves 75% of your natural knee
Only the damaged compartment is replaced and about 75% of original cartilage and ligaments are preserved, giving the knee a more natural feel and strength.
I-Incision - very small surgical scar
The cut and the scar is very small.
C-CAN- sit on the floor, cross legs, do yoga and follow an active Indian lifestyle
MICROPLASTY allows freedom of all movements like cross leg sitting, padmasana and other yogasanas, offering namaaz, light jogging and all other activities which can’t be permitted after a total knee replacement.
R- Routine work resumed in 1-2 weeks
Office work can be resumed in as early as 5-7 days. Because most of the natural knee is saved, It gives a faster recovery.
O- only 1-1.5 days of hospital stay
Only a couple of days of hospital stay required. Longevity of the surgery is expected upto 20 years, just like a total knee replacement. Microplasty can be done at ANY age.
It is ideal for both young patients, because it preserves a lot of natural bone and allows full movements; as well as for Old patients because it offers faster recovery, and minimises medical risks associated with a total knee replacement.

Patients' opinion about MICROPLASTY

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