Total Hip Replacement

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Hip Replacement


Total Hip Replacement

Hip joint is one of the most stable and mobile joints of the body. There are a few conditions where a hip replacement surgery becomes necessary.

The most common conditions which affect the hip is Avascular necrosis or AVN. In that case, blood supply to the head of the femur (ball of the thigh bone) is compromised, thus giving rise to pain. In advanced stage of the disease, the head collapses and the joint surfaces become irregular, leading to painful and debilitating arthritis of the hip joint.

At such a stage, hip replacement becomes necessary. Total hip replacement remains one of the most successful surgical intervention of the century.

At present, we have implants and techniques available, with which you can perform all activities of daily routine including sitting on the floor, squatting, offering prayers/ Namaaz and enjoy your life, just the way a normal person would do.

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